A Time to Heal


Are you feeling stressed out?

Are you unwell, injured or in pain?

Would you like some TLC?

Then come and receive some healing.... it will help to bring you back into balance.

Mind, body and spirit are one.


Spiritual healing can help with a wide variety of conditions whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual origin. It can be given by an accredited healer by the laying of hands on or off the body. Spiritual healing is not the prerogative of any religion. Mind, body and spirit are one. When we are unwell or have problems in our life Spiritual healing helps us to achieve a state of balance. 


Your spirit is the essence of you, healing your spirit will help you feel whole again.



What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you. The greatest gift that anyone can give is their time.


When receiving healing you may feel a warmth from the healers hands, a coolness or a tingling sensation. Many people will feel very relaxed while receiving healing.


You will remain fully clothed throughout the session. The healer can work with hands on or off the body to channel the healing energy and you can either lay on the couch or sit in the chair.


I like to allow an hour for the first visit, in order to explain exactly what will happen. This is to establish that the client is fully aware of the procedure and to make a few notes that are kept safe and confidential.